Our Guest Speaker for May 13, 2019

Pete McKenzie

God has given us a vision for thousands of men. These men are being found in every culture, ethnic group, neighborhood, church and community. They are out there, they are hungry, and God is going after them. He has always been the Initiator in His relationship with His people, and He is still relentlessly at it. But in our day, when men have been emasculated by a culture that has neutralized and devalued them, and has chased them to the sidelines and out of the game, He is calling them to Himself and back into the action.

In our culture and communities they are coming, but by the hardest. Men have been dormant, under-challenged, distracted, stressed, and busied so long, that we are concerned that most are beyond recovery. They are so used to giving themselves to lesser things, the “seed that fell among the thorns” if you will, that the cares of the world, the deceitfulness of riches, and the desire for other things has choked the word and hunger for the word out of them. It is a serious question as to whether they can be rallied to this great eternal cause and mission.

However, God is giving us such great opportunities and breakthroughs, that we cannot help but to stay the course. It is a battle and a war, but He is calling His men, and because it is Jesus calling, we believe that as difficult as it may be to accomplish, they are coming—and they will come—by the thousands.

Another generation of men of whom the world is not worthy is being raised up in America and around the world today, for such a time as this.

Pete McKenzie The Influencers